About Me

A community for those committed to living a proactively engaged life in the midst of a turbulent world. Life can be pretty difficult and leave us with wounds or scars preventing us from living each day as we would design. This is a space dedicated to empowering people to live their new normal after trauma.

Trish Russell

If you desire to leave an impact on the world around you, this is the place for you. While each of us is called to serve in a different way, we are united in the truth that life does look a little different after trauma. Whether our loved one experienced the trauma or we personally did, life has changed AND we are still committed to living a full life, whatever we choose that to be.

You can expect to receive insights on how to navigate life after trauma, a safe space to share your truth, and encouragement to design your new normal. Each journey is unique and we are here to acknowledge what has happened and celebrate what is to come for you.

My journey to becoming a Trauma Advocate began in 2009 when I returned home from Afghanistan broken and unaware. Once I realized how much my brain had changed from my experience in a combat zone I committed to figuring out what life would look like with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It took 8 years for me to realize there would never be a cure; however, I have mastered exercises and techniques that have made it possible for me to design my new normal and live a life I’m proud to share with my family and friends.

And that is what I share here. My experience, personal story, and strategy to reclaim my life. You will also discover insights from other people who have figured out ways to navigate life after trauma, as well as personal stories from those continuing to write their story. If you’d like to check out my strategy, click here, and get your hands on it!

I’ve had the opportunity to share this piece of my journey in a few places, where these folks really opened the door for me to share.