When life feels like a hostile environment

We have unexpectedly entered a hostile environment. There is an enemy we are trying to stay away from as well as protect our loved ones from afar. Professionals, friends, family members are on the front lines protecting the country. 

What in the world is going on? No one signed up to turn our country into what can feel like a battlefield. 

People aren’t safe. You don’t know who is a carrier. Stay away.

Learning to adapt to this new normal is draining and disorienting. But it is possible to take the edge off without eating, drinking or distracting ourselves into oblivion. 

As a female combat veteran I am familiar with learning how to show up well for the situation we find ourselves in. There are countless licensed professionals sharing insights and wisdom, incredibly grateful to them. Sometimes you need to hear from someone who has been there, who gets the frustration and disillusionment. 

If this shift in our current culture feels hard, that’s normal. Life After Quarantine is uncertain and seems to constantly change.  In addition to the outside factors, there are also the internal ones to consider because isolation probably changed you a little bit. 

Honestly, how could you not be impacted when life is unexpectedly asking things of you that you never had to do before? Constant vigilance, ongoing safety measures, and total stop to everyday life. So the question is, who do you want to be on the other side of isolation?

You may not have an answer right now, that’s okay. There are a few ways to ensure you’ll be in a healthier state of mind to transition to the next new normal and become that person. 

  1. Daily dose of laughter allows you to release stress and remember joy. 
  2. Move your body each day, even if it’s getting up every hour to walk around the house. 
  3. Do not overeat two days in a row. Nobody is going to live out the pandemic perfectly, fight against creating unhealthy habits. 
  4. Connect with people you like daily; some ideas outside of family and friends are authors, singers, and actors. Read a book, watch a film, or blast your music. 
  5. Write down or tell someone how you REALLY feel every few days. 
  6. Sleep. 

I understand the abruptness of your routine and day to day life being taken away. While these suggestions may seem trivial, they’ve made a huge impact on my decade long healing journey with PTSD. It’s possible they may help you as well. If you’d like dive into this topic more, check out my e-book written for life After Quarantine: Your Guide to Re-entry as the World Learns to Live a New Day to Day.