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The secret​ to PTSD Management: Laughter

My greatest therapy for healing is LAUGHTER. Truly, it has been the balm to my wounded soul and is the elixir to renew my hope. I’m embarrassed to tell you how long I went without laughter…but I will because I do my best to be honest with you. *sigh* For the most part of 5 years I rarely laughed. It still does not come naturally, I need outside sources to make me laugh. So today, in case you’re like me and need an assist in this area, I’m sharing who consistently makes me laugh out loud.

Warning: These people have caused me to snort milk. Well, not milk. I spit out coffee listening to each one of these. 




Annie F Downs
Podcast Episode with Jon Christ – One of true honesty & hilarity






The Popcast
I don’t even get pop culture but these 2….
The Nos of Motherhood




Women’s Graphic Tshirts – My dad even laughed!


Ok. I shared my secret sources of hilarity. And if you ever see me spit out my coffee, you know why.

But seriously. Laughter really is great medicine. Make sure you get a daily dose :).

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