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Simple ways to reclaim time & space

Summertime is so different than any other time of year.

Routines can be thrown out the window. Vacations are planned. We stay up late enjoying the sunshine.

It’s as if we are children again!!

But it can also slip away so quickly with the distractions of our day and age. Our age of technology and *stuff.* If you look up from your phone (or computer) and wonder where the time has gone, then I have a simple solution to help you reclaim those minutes and hours back. If you look up from this blog and see your home is CLUTTERED with stuff, then you’ll be joyful to hear there are simple steps to help relieve a bit of that reality too.

First, let’s chat about the clutter. It can be so overwhelming to walk into our space and have it scattered with *stuff.* One of the tips I learned from Emily Ley, of Simplified, is to do 1 load of laundry a day. I wish I could say I do this each and every day….but then I’d be lying. I’m in the routine of 4 days a week, which means one day I do 3 loads. It’s crazy home many linens we have! Anyway…different time and place for that ;). Even though it’s not done perfectly, that one tip has saved HOURS of laundry folding and given us MORE family time. If you’d like more tips, check out this amazing woman over at Simplified. She brings joy to the mundane!

Last, but not least, the social media. I love social media, it’s probably how we met! However, there is a time and place. I’m as guilty as the next gal who can get sucked in but it never lasts for long because I have my 3 Golden Rules.

I’d love to share my secrets so you too can design your routine/relationship with *the* Facebook :).

Along with *totally indulged scroll time,* I’ve developed a strategy to be present, engaged, and build relationships on Facebook without falling down the “click” rabbit hold. 2 weeks ago I shared my 3 Golden Rules for the first time on my FB LIVE hang out spot and received 8 shares & 827 views. These key strategies were such a hit I’ve brought them into my portfolio, design a graphic to keep the reminders with you everywhere, and bring the *exclusive* offer to your doorstep.

Pick up your —> 3 Golden Rules

Let’s take some time to learn how to get *at least* 1 hr back into your day, continue to build a love relationship with Facebook, and combat that pesky scrolling habit <3.

Whether you are focused on reclaiming your time or space….you got this! Take one step at a time and you’ll be thrilled with the results after a week. Stuck? Send me a note, I’d love to chat! Email Trish.


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