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Another Suicide

I received a text earlier this week. It read, “I just found that last night …..committed suicide.”



How does this happen? What leads someone to end their life?

Unfortunately I have been in the pits of hell and contemplated the same. To the point where I planned it out. That’s not easy to share….the first time I did was over here.

Today…as you read this….I encourage you to reach out to someone you care about and see how they’re doing. We never know the demons someone else is fighting and while we can not rescue them, we can show up for the people who have been brought into our world. A kind word can go a long way to making them feel seen and heard.

If this message has triggered anything for you, I encourage you to chat with someone. With technology we are able to reach out at the drop of a dime. Here are a few resources that have served me well:

Julia Kristina (Counselor, Researcher to get you through the crap)

Sarah Monares (Counselor, Speaker that talks about the hard stuff)

Vet Center (find one local to you if you’re military – they make the process simple)

Objective Zero App (veterans connect with someone who’ll list through an app)

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